There are muscles and ligaments to support the vagina and womb. Obese women are vulnerable to overstretch and weaken these muscles. This can happen either after the birth of the baby or during the menopause period. Consequently the vagina and womb can drop downwards. Colporrhaphy is performed in such cases. Colporrhaphy is a vaginal repair surgery performed to lift and tighten the walls of the vagina thus restoring the normal support.

The gynecologist will give you a detailed overview about how you need to get ready for Colporrhaphy. You might need to be hospitalized for a day or two depending on how well you recover and the complication of the surgery. The surgery can take an hour which will again depend on the severity of your condition. Dissolvable stitches are used to reinforce the tissues supporting the vagina both posterior and anterior. In some cases excess vaginal skin may be required to be removed. Side effects of Colporrhaphy are temporary that may include problem in passing urine, stomach and vaginal pain and vaginal bleeding.