Incontinence sling

Incontinence Sling Procedure

An overactive bladder is mainly responsible for urinary incontinence. The problem can also be related to rigorous stress. The severity can vary and for some women conventional treatment goes in vain. Incontinence Sling Procedure is a feasible option for them. Statistics indicate this procedure has been able to provide a permanent solution. So what does the surgeon do during the sling procedure? Let us take a look:

a. The surgeon will primarily require strips of synthetic mesh. He may also consider using the tissue of the woman who will undergo the procedure. Else he might also opt for using tissues of animals or of any other donor.

b. The surgeon then creates a sling or hammock under the urethra or the bladder. The sling provides the necessary support to the urethra so that it remains closed. In situations when the women coughs or sneezes urine is not leaked anymore.

c. The woman can also discuss about the benefits and risks of the incontinence sling procedure and prepare herself accordingly.