We provide health care for the entire spectrum of women’s health issues, from preventive care to diagnosis and treatment of more complex gynecological problems.

Some gynecological services provided are: contraception, breast exams, annual exams, infertility treatment and surgery, laparoscopic surgery and management of menopausal issues. We are willing to discuss all the post-menopausal hormone replacement options.

Annual exams: This exam is two fold and are recommended for all women. Part 1: Pap smears. These are performed on any women who is sexually active or over the age of 21.
Part 2: Breast exam. We encourage monthly self-breast exams and happily teach patients how to do this properly. In women over the age of 40 or at higher risk for breast cancer, we refer to the Thibodaux Regional for screening mammograms.

Colposcopy/ LEEP: In an abnormal pap smear is found, we often need to perform a colposcopy. This more in-depth exam of the cervix is normally done which we may take biopsies of abnormal areas on the cervix. This can be done in house and does not require anesthesia. Some pap smear abnormalities can be followed by serial pap smears. In some cases, however, a LEEP procedure may be required to remove high grade or persistently abnormal cells on the cervix. This is done in the office under a local anesthetic. It can also be done in the operating room under general anesthesia.

Biopsies: Uterine biopsies may be indicated for various forms of irregular bleeding or ultrasound abnormalities of the uterus. This is also an in house procedure requiring no anesthesia. Biopsies of the vulvar or vaginal areas can be done under local anesthesia if indicated.

Birth Control: We offer several hormonal contraceptive options including birth control pills, extended use pills, the patch, the NuvaRing, and Depo Provera shots. We also perform diaphragm fittings and IUD insertion and removal. We offer both the copper IUD and the progesterone containing IUD.

STD screening and treatment: We offer counseling and screening for a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. We can prescribe treatment for most STD’s and we perform office cryotherapy for genital warts.

Gynecological Surgeries

  • Laparoscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Endometrial ablation
  • Essure ®
  • Robotic surgery
  • Abdominal surgery