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Dr. Natchez Morice (MD, MBA, FACOG), of Thibodaux Gynecology & Obstetrics Center is one of the world’s renowned tubal reversal & tubal ligation reversal surgeons. Dr. Trey Morice has been performing successful tubal reversal surgeries for over 17 years now. People travel not only from all over the United States, but also from all over the world to visit Thibodaux Gynecology and Obstetrics and Dr. Morice for their tubal ligation reversal surgery.

You can reach Dr. Morice by calling (985)-518-4449 or emailing tubalreversalcenterla@gmail.com to learn more about Tubal Reversal Surgery.

Low Cost Tubal Reversal by Doctor Morice :  $5,999

Tubal ligation, commonly known as having one’s “tubes tied,” is an effective choice for women who don’t want to have any more children. A tubal ligation creates a blockage in each fallopian tube making it impossible for an egg to pass through to the uterus for fertilization.

However, after having a tubal ligation, many women find themselves wanting to have children again.  Luckily, reversing a tubal ligation is possible. Tubal re-implantation surgery restores a woman’s fertility and allows her to conceive again.

The delicate tubal-reversal procedure is termed microsurgical tubal reanastomosis. During the procedure, the blocked portions of the fallopian tubes are removed and the remaining segments are sutured together. This creates an open tube for an egg to pass through, once again allow for fertilization. This is an outpatient procedure that requires no overnight hospital stay.

How Much Does Tubal Reversal Surgery Cost?

Dr. Morice offers reversal surgery for the lowest price in the United States. The entire procedure, including pre and post-operative visits, anesthesia, and surgical suite, costs only $5,999. We require a $1500 deposit to book your surgical appointment and the balance payable at time of Surgery.

For those considering tubal sterilization reversal or in-vitro fertilization, tubal reversal operation is half the cost of an average IVF treatment. Tubes reversal surgery with Dr. Morice also has very high success rates of around 75%, compared to IVF’s 30% success rate.

Reversal of Tubal ligation is not typically covered by insurance companies. Therefore, Dr. Morice has arranged reduced hospital, anesthesia, and surgeon fees to keep the cost as low as possible. He also accepts CareCredit. CareCredit allows you to finance the entire cost of your tubal ligation reversal with a small interest fee.

It’s important to note that the $5,999 fee does not cover travel and accommodation expenses for patients traveling from out of town. However, Dr. Morice’s patients do receive reduced rates at nearby hotels.

Tubal Reversal Success Story:

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Microsurgical Tubal Reanastomosis (MTR)?

MTR is a very safe and very effective operation that has been performed successfully for more than 30 years. While there are many ways to perform this operation, it is essential that an experienced physician, who is trained in the use of microsurgical instruments and techniques, performs this very delicate operation. The area of the tubes which was occluded is removed, leaving only open, healthy tube. These open, healthy, tubal segments are then connected. A multilayer, microsurgical technique is used to suture these segments together. After the tubes are repaired, a chromopertubation is performed wherein dye is injected into the uterus. This dye is passed through the repaired tubes to ensure that the tubes are open. The entire surgery is performed through a small incision of about 3 to 4 inches just at the uppermost part of the hair line. It is very important to note that either failing to properly align the tubal segments, or damaging these delicate structures, can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful operation.

Where does Dr. Morice perform Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery?

Dr. Morice (Regarded by many as one of the best tubal reversal doctors) is on staff at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Physician’s Medical Center in Houma, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast Surgical Center in Houma, Louisiana. He performs Tubal Reversals at all three facilities.

Do I have to stay in the hospital overnight?

Not anymore. Today, the Reversal surgery is an outpatient surgery that typically takes about 2 hours to perform. You will be allowed to leave the hospital after eating lunch. If you are traveling from an area more than four hours away, hotel reservations should be made so that you can spend the night nearby and avoid a long journey the same day as your procedure (please read the questions below). While some patients elect to travel back the same day to their homes out of town or out of state, a long trip should be avoided until the day following your surgery. This is strictly a precaution. Please note that while special discounted prices have been arranged at local hotels for Dr. Morice’s patients, this expense is not included in the reversal cost.

Can I have my tubes put back together even if I had them tied 15 years ago?

Yes :-)… However, in rare cases, much of the tube may have been removed (which could result in a decreased success rate), or perhaps scar tissue or other abnormalities may have formed (which could prevent the successful completion of the reversal). Dr. Morice requests a copy of the pathology report and the operative report prior to surgery. This information helps to ensure that there will be enough tube remaining to be put back together. If unavailable, these findings may not be known until the actual procedure is performed.

How successful is Tubal Ligation Reversal?

The success rate of a tubal reversal (getting pregnant after tubal ligation) is defined as a subsequent intrauterine pregnancy and birth. This approaches 80%. Other factors, such as ovarian function and age, also influence the success rate. Dr. Morice will request a recent semen analysis from the couple to rule out male-factor infertility when appropriate. While the specific type of tubal ligation will influence the success rate of the procedure, most forms of surgical sterilization can be reversed. The amount of tube which has been removed or destroyed will also influence the success rate. While we like to have 5 or more centimeters of tubal length after a tube reversal, at least 3 cm of tube are desired to achieve pregnancy.

Is Tubal Ligation Reversal dangerous?

Tubalreversal is a surgery, as such there are standard risks that comes with a surgery such as bleeding, infection, anesthesia, and injury to other structures in the pelvis and abdomen. These complications or side effects are rare with this procedure, and Dr. Morice has never had any complication with a MTR procedure. This is considered a very safe operation.

How will Dr. Morice know if I’m a Good Candidate for Tubal Reversal Surgery?

First of all, before making an appointment, You need to send a copy of your Operative Report of Tubal Ligation, as well as any pathology report, via fax at (1-866-702-0120) or by email to: tubalreversalcenterla@gmail.com to the office of Dr. Morice. Please include Your age, weight, height, number of prior pregnancies (including any miscarriages), menstrual cycle pattern (regular or irregular cycles), prior infertility and/or medical problems, as well as habits like cigarette/alcohol/drug use by either yourself or your partner, and the latest pregnancy date of both yourself and your partner along with your laboratory reports, x-rays, or hormone studies(if any). Doctor Morice will then review the reports and all the information you provide and then you will be informed if you are a good Candidate for tubal reversal and likelihood of a successful reversal for you.

Dr Trey Morice-Tubal Reversal Surgeon

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